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Expert guidance and education—without the pressure.

We’re here to guide you safely home.

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and confused by home buying and investing, and not confident in your ability to add real estate to your investment portfolio or purchase a new home for your family.

If you’re like us, you’ve stumbled over where to even begin. You’ve likely wondered if there was a better, simpler way to get the inside scoop on real estate. We know you want to feel fully prepared and ready to make the smartest financial decisions, and it’s wrong that home buying can be such a stressful experience!

At Lending Lighthouse, we get it.

Built To Be Different

We’ve been in the mortgage business a long time. Our founder, Peter Skaggs, has helped thousands of people buy homes. As he guided his clients, he recognized that while there were hundreds of options for financing, there wasn’t a safe space for home buyers to explore all their options and gain a solid understanding of how financing actually works outside of a sales driven environment.

That’s where Lending Lighthouse comes in. All of our knowledge, passion, and dedication to accessible education with none of the pressure, stress, or obligation.

Explore Training

We are committed to giving you the answers you need to stop feeling like you’re one step behind and start feeling fully prepared.

We’ve done this thousands of times and know the routes to getting you safely home.

Lighthouse runs on…

Researched Resources

As the market shifts, and your season of life changes, so will your needs and questions. Find fresh content you can trust: updated, fact checked, and ready for any situation. 

Strategic Learning

With hundreds of variables, and just as many routes to financing, we help you find exactly what you’re looking for to reach your unique goals. 

Expert Guidance

Sometimes you need a blog post, sometimes you need a conversation. Our library includes live webinars, in-person classes, advanced calculators, and more. 

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Peter Skaggs has been a licensed mortgage broker since 2007. With a passion for connecting people with the smartest possible financing for their purchase, Peter saw a gap in the industry in educating and empowering home buyers. This led him to found Lending Lighthouse and focus on enriching people’s lives through trustworthy, bias-free financial education.

What they are saying about us.

“While qualifying for our very first home loan, they helped us understand every aspect:
our closing cost options, the pros and cons of choosing a lower interest rate vs. lower closing costs, etc.”

“Expert help to guide me through the purchase of my first investment property.”

“This has become a trusted resource if I have real estate or loan questions. I now know more about mortgage loans, the market, and how to think of real estate as an investment.”